Bridge Innovation Capital

Innovation through cross-cultural collaboration

We focus on the unfulfilled need for long-term, strategic assistance to foreign companies in China, and we support Chinese companies in their globalization strategies. We not only advise, but also operate and execute.

Who we are

We are a strategic partner sponsoring and promoting growth companies through the critical stages of commercialization and internationalization
We provide an integrated offering to access new markets, support product development and secure capital investment
We serve clients by providing a unique mix of long term advisory and transaction and business development support.


Building understanding and providing inspiration through cross-border innovation and co-development


We have extensive cross-border operational and financing expertise.

Value Creation

We establish market access channels, provide capital, and build R&D capabilities through local capital partners, industry networks and government relations.

Bridge China Platform Benefits

Extensive connectivity to high level Chinese networks (government, state owned enterprises, Hi Tech Parks, private companies) with a reputation as a partner
Bridge the different perceptions and expectations of foreign companies and their China partners, thereby saving cost and time
Provide proven local Chinese execution capability for foreign companies entering China
Establish long-term sustainable partnerships between foreign companies and Chinese strategic partners
Source local Chinese capital and leverage the China platform for global capital raising and growth.

China Market Entry

Partnering with foreign companies to leverage the China growth story by investing capital and establishing local marketing / production / sales, and R&D

Foreign companies seek access to China's growing market but lack Chinese networks and operational capabilities in China
Bridge Innovation Capital ("BIC") provides foreign companies with China-based operational expertise, investment capital and industry-specific networks
BIC partners with Chinese Tech Parks that have government support, capital and provide single-window market-entry services for foreign companies setting up offices in China.

China Outbound Investment

Partnering with foreign technology parks and government investment promotion bureaus to attract Chinese investment into the country

Privately held Chinese companies are seeking acquisitions and investments for international diversification and technology upgrading as part of their global strategy but lack international know-how and connectivity to foreign government investment networks
BIC works with foreign technology parks and government investment promotion bureaus to develop marketing plans, host events and seminars and build capabilities around attracting Chinese investment.


Aligned with China's current 5-Year Plan:
High Tech
Health Care
Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency
Smart City data analysis and organizational management tools


Wholly Foreign Owned, Joint Venture or Licensing into China
Fund operational budget for China vehicle
Operational and management support on the ground
Supervise China team and third-party service providers


Post technology risk stage
Completed Series A financings
Low capital requirements for commercialization
Focused on international expansion
Promoting innovation and R&D

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